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Teton valley Youth Lacrosse Association requires that every player participate in all on lacrosse activities, including practices and games, with the required equipment in good and legal condition. 

Required Women’s Equipment:

·         Women’s specific Helmet

·         Women’s specific stick

·         Mouth guard (fitted, and in good shape)

·         Cleats on grass, athletic shoes for the gym, ore pavement.

·         Proper athletic attire for the conditions.

·         Goalies: chest protectors and properly fitted throat guards

Required Men’s Equipment:

·         Men’s Lacrosse Helmet (if you purchase a helmet, rather than rent one from the club, it must be black to match the rest of the club

·         Mouth Guard (fitted and in good shape)

·         Shoulder Pads

·         Arm Pads

·         Gloves

·         Cleats while playing on grass

·         Athletic Shoes while playing on pavement

·         Legal Lacrosse Shaft, pocket and head

·         Athletic supporter and cup are mandatory for all TVYLA players.

·         Goalies: chest protectors and properly fitted throat guard. (Arm pads not required.)


All players, at all levels should have both long and short sleeves as well as shorts and long pants for every practice. Long pants are required for ALL practices in a gym, or on pavement. No exceptions. Temperature will determine long or short sleeves and shorts or pants when practicing on grass. Determination will be made at practice, and not before.

No player should ever stand in the goal, at any time, without a throat guard and chest protector. (the only exception would be during 3x3 play with tennis balls)