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The following are links to our Share The Play drill catalog. 

Share the Play allows us to animate a drill on a screen with step by step instructions.  Under each heading/link there are a number of drills that can be followed.  For players this should help explain the drills we run in practice, and for coaches it should help remind you of what you have available, how a drill operates, and what we should be focusing on within each drill.

Our drills should all be fast paced, keep as many kids playing at a time as possible, be focused on maximum touches, and be a snap shot of a moment in a game.

Make reps "left" and "right" handed.  Avoid the terms "strong hand" and "off hand".  This makes it much easier to ensure everyone is doing the same thing.

Limit drills to 10 minutes.

Make drills as competitive as possible.  Make sure your players are wearing pinnies and are split into two even colors at the start of practice.  Keep score.  Have a consequence for losing. (pushups, etc.)

Ensure there are a LOT of balls at each drill line or station.  Do not allow players to chase balls unless they are out.  Keep the drill running as much as possible.

Get creative.  Move drills around the field. Use field lines to force play in a certain way.  Start with ground balls and finish with shots when appropriate.  Addapt for age and to increase touches or more game-like scenarios.