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3v2 Challenge



Three offensive lines, in an arc, with one ten yards above the goal and one down on either side of the goal, just above GLE.  Two defensive lines on either side of the goal, just behind GLE.  Balls start at one wing.


D runs up to address the ball and the wing with the ball initiates a close quarter 3v2 drill.  Play to a finish, and the next two D immediately address the next ball and the attack immediately initiate the next 3v2.  A few minutes with one team on O, then switch for another few minutes.  Run reps as fast as play will allow.


Variations: Coach can throw a ball to any of the three offensive players.  As the pass leaves the coach’s stick, the D moves out to play.  This creates a more unsettled play.


If you use a goalie for this drill, you must use tennis balls!  This is a brutal drill for goalies.


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