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3v2 to 4v3 True North Drill



This is a build-up transition drill that sparks awareness and quick recognition of what is happening.  Run the drill very quickly to keep players focused.

Start with three offensive players of one color behind the cage.  Five yards above the restraining line have four lines, two of each color alternating across the field.



 If black is behind to start, roll a ball behind and the first in each of the white line run in to play D.  That group plays 3v2 to a quick finish.  This is when the second rep starts, immediately.  The three offensive players crash to the middle and are now defensive players.  The original two defensive players drop to low wings and become offensive players.  The first in each of the two lines for the original defensive color come out and one of them receives a pass and they now play 4v3 to a finish. 


So each group that comes out plays an offensive rep and a defensive rep.


Variations:  After a second rotation a third set of two can be added with players switching roles, again making the final rep a 5v4.  This addition gets pretty complicated and players should be pretty experienced in order to make it work.


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