Teton valley Idaho youth lacrosse victor driggs tetonia wolverines

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4v4 With 1v1 GB Start



Four sets of O/D placed inside the restraining box.


Roll ground ball to one group of O/D.  They battle 1v1 for the GB.  Winner is on O and the remaining three groups are released.  Play to a finish and clear.  Must move ball off of the ground.



You can build this drill up by playing the first GB 1v1 to a finish, roll a second ball to another pair with the initial pair staying in. They, then play 2v2.  Roll a third for 3v3 and a fourth to play 4v4.  In each scenario the team of the winner of the GB is on offense.


This 4v4 can also start with a pass where a designated pair starts and the offensive player must v-cut and get open.  Once that player gets the ball, the remaining players are released from their cones.


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