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Banana Cut Outlets



Coach is ten yards above crease with a bucket of balls.

Defensive players at either side of GLE.  Goalie in the cage.


Coach “Shoots,” goalie saves.         Alternating sides, one defense-man breaks to GLE sideline in a banana cut receiving the outlet from the goalie at the line marking the side of the box.  Defense-man catches the outlet, turns outside and moves ball up field to coach, floater, or over pass (to the defender on the other side of the field).


A ‘middie’ can be added to shadow the coach who breaks up field when the shot is made.  Coach can yell “UP” or “OUT”.  Up tells the goalie to hit the breaking middie as fast as possible, and out tells the goalie the pass is not there and to get behind the cage and to distribute the ball to one of the defenders.



  • Goalie must save the ball and step to top of crease looking for the immediate outlet to a breaking midfielder.
  • Defense-men must never turn their backs on the ball, or goalie.
  • Sticks to the outside.
  • Hard passes.  Err on a short pass for over passes, and long on up field passes.
  • Always turn outside when clearing the ball.


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