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4v4 and Even Drills


4v4 and Even Drills are intended to take all of the skills learned and play in a more realistic game-like situation. 


4v4 drills are specifically intended to train players, in a small setting, to force play to create a 3v2 or 2v1 situation in front of the goal to set up a 1v1 with the goalie.


4v4 drills can be creatively run to force players to learn how to be creative.



Even drills are a step up from 4v4 drills and can be run as anything from 2v2 to 10v10 scrimmages. 

Players are never just left to play.  Drills should be manipulated to ensure that things run fast and players are always thinking.


Be creative and focus on fast play, lots of touches, lots of players getting reps, and forcing game-like chaos all the time.


Sticks to the outside!!!