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Fire Escape Drill ND



This is a skeleton drill with imaginary defense.  In front of the goal place four cones on the corners of a 15 yard square.  Coach feeds ground balls from in front of the goal, and one stands in the middle of the cones.  Another player can stand up field of the drill as an outlet.


This should be played as a station drill when working with small numbers.



The feeder rolls out a ground ball and yells, “Fire”, the second player scoops the ground ball and escapes around one of the cones and outlets the ball.  He then sprints back to the porch, gets another GB and escapes again, repeating until all cones have been escaped around.


Points: The object is to teach defensive players to scoop a ball in traffic in front of the goal, and to run to daylight and get the ball up and out.


Focus on proper scooping technique, immediately moving outside of the middle, stick in the proper hand and looking up field.


Notre Dame Video link.