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Line Drills



While line drills are a bit outdated and not used much, anymore, they can still be a break from other stick drills if run properly. 


Break into groups of five with each group into two lines facing each other (one line with two and one line with three).  The line with three starts with the ball.  The first player in line runs at the player in the front of the other line and passes him the ball on the run.  The receiving player continues toward the first line and throws the ball to the first person in that line.  This continues.  Keep skills to 30-45 seconds, and keep the lines moving.  Entire drill should last no more than 5-7 minutes.

Make certain there is a pile of balls at the start of every line so players never have to chase balls.


A great variation that creates some chaos is to place four lines on corners of a fifteen yard square.  Players run their line drill simultaneously diagonally across the square.  This forces players to have to maintain the pace of their drill while having to avoid the other group.



Passing Options:


Left (inside and outside)

Right (inside and outside)

Catch left, throw right

Catch right, throw left

Catch normal, throw Canadian off hand (left and right)

Catch Canadian off hand, throw normal (left and right)

Catch normal throw behind the back (left and right)

Shovel passes (left and right)

Underhand (left and right)

Flip the ball (left and right)

Ground balls to and away

Over the shoulder

Behind the back