Teton valley Idaho youth lacrosse victor driggs tetonia wolverines

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Root B 22



Divide players into groups of three and put each group at the end of a line of six cones. Cones are set up in a grid 6 cones (6 yards apart) x however many lines of three.



On the whistle, the player at the front of each line goes through the cones practicing a set skill at each cone.  Once the first players have created enough space, the whistle blows, again for the next player.  High reps is the goal with a focus on constant stick protection and hand eye coordination. Each drill should be done with both hands, left and right.

Example:  U2, B1 stick to the outside: Player runs up two cones cradling with stick outside of the cones, rounds second cone and runs backwards back one cone, rounds that cone and sprints up two more cones.  Stick changes hands each time player rounds a cone to keep the stick to the outside.


Options (Skill done at each cone):


Roll Dodges

Face Dodges

Split Dodges

Switching hands at each cone

Weave switching hands

Stop get low switch hands x3

Up one drop the ball, back pedal one cone, get GB

U2, B1 Stick to outside

U2, B1 Stick inside

Hop on 1 foot 1 hand cradle weave

Stick upside down, 1 hand cradle with weave

High Steps to end

Lunges to end

Side wall bumps

Shaft bumps

Toss ball, shaft around ball

Toss ball, head around ball

Toss ball between legs and catch it

Toss ball behind back and catch it

Two foot hop over cones while switching hands

Shuffle w/poke check

Shuffle w/poke/slap

1 Hand cradle sprint to cone and circle it exploding to next cone

Shuffle with one hand ball flips

Backwards weave with hand changes

Long jumping strides to end

Backwards long jumping strides

Up two, roll away, back one