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Three Man Two Ball


Start Version 1:

With players in groups of three, space two outside players twenty yards apart with one player in the middle.  As the player in the middle moves back and forth, he passes catches a ball from an outside player and returns that pass before turning and moving to the other outside player.  After turning to the second player he will catch a pass and return it.  This continues for around 30 to 45 seconds, then rotates players.  There are a number of skills to be done with this version, and each skill must be done with both left and right hands. 




Normal passing

Dynamo Passing (Over the shoulder)

Canadian off hand

Catch left, throw right

Catch Right, throw left

Behind the back, catch normal

Catch Canadian, throw normal

Ground balls toward, throw back

Quick sticks

Catch/throw one handed

Shovel passes



Start Version 2:

Move players in to about twelve yards apart.  Player in the middle will now run around the outside players.  As he rounds player 1, he will receive a pass from player 2, return the pass without ever stopping, round player 2 and receive a pass from player 1.  This pattern continues for 30-45 seconds then rotates players.  Many of the same options can be used in this drill as in version 1.  Again, pick four or five skills each time this drill is done, and change them up each time.  This drill should move very quickly and be done in five minutes.


Video link.