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Locations where our activities take place.
  1. Address

    225 E Harper Ave
    Driggs, ID 83422

    Sub Locations

    1. Main Field The main field is the full sized field within the track in the center of the complex.
    2. Youth Field 1 Youth Field one is the western-most youth field along the south fence line.
    3. Youth Field 2 Youth Field 2 is the eastern-most youth field along the southern fence line.

    Old Football Field - Driggs

    The Old Football Field in Driggs is off of E Harper Ave.  

    Go East from N Main St/Hwy 33 onto E Harper Ave.  Fields are one and a half blocks after you turn, on the left.  Parking is all around the perimeter of the complex. 

  2. Address

    170 Elm St.
    Victor, ID 83455

    Sub Locations

    1. Field 1 Field 1 is on the North end of the park between the large dirt lot and the play ground.
    2. Field 2 Field 2 is south of Field 1 past the Dog Park.

    Sherman Park

    Sherman Park is located off of S Agate Avenue with parking both by the play ground and just East of the field to the East of the playground.  Field One is next to the play ground, with Field 2 being to the south past the dog park.  There is NO parking imediately ajacent to Feild 2.

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