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Coaches Resources

On Line; a handful of interesting web sites that cover the things important to coaching with TVYLA :

Pages of Interest:

The Inside Out Coaching Initiative: is the absolute best source for information on Transformational Coaching.

The Positive Coaching Alliance: PCA is a partner with US Lacrosse and is becoming the standard for learning to become a Transformational Double Goal Coach.

Changing the Game Project:  Jim O'Sullivan's site detailing his initiative to change youth sports and create a system more beneficial to our young athletes. 

Duke Coaching Clinics:  There are hours of videos covering every aspect of the game and how to build a successful team.  Most of this content is geared toward older groups, but, certainly be applied to most of what we do. This link is to one Youtube clinic.  A quick search will find more.

JM3 Sports:  Jamie Munro played at Brown, coached at Denver University, started 3D Lacrosse and now runs JM3 Sports.  His experience and efforts to change how this game is approached is fantastic. His site has a very good blog, and podcast, as well as other great resources to help your coaching journey.

Videos on coaching, mentoring and culture:

Joe Ehrmann: is the driving force behind The Inside Out Initiative.  This is his TED Talk regarding the way we mentor young men in our society.

Building Men For Others:  Another lecture Joe Ehrmann gave that further details his ideas on coaching and mentoring.  The video begins with a solid 20 minutes of introductions, so start at minute 21.  The first speaker is Jeffrey Marx, the Author of Season of Life about Joe Ehrmann.  Joe Ehrmann follows Marx. 

Constraints Led Approach to learning:

Constraints Led Approach to Learning: A brief video demonstrating constraints based learning, and how to engage athletes and make learning to compete fun


Games and Drills:

Notre Dame Drills: Notre Dame has, for years, been posting instructional videos on the drills they use every day.  These videos all start with a white board description followed by a live, on field walk through.  These are all college drills, but are mostly focussed on basic fundamentals and can be modified to fit all age levels.

BTB Lacrosse Video on Practice Planning:  A good video describing how to, and what should be considered when planning an effective practice.

St. Joe's Three Man GB Drill: Lots of touches, and teaches kids to get the ball moving off of the ground with a purpose.

Recommended Podcasts:

The Way of Champions: John O'Sullivan, of the Changing the Game Project's podcast is an incredible source for insight into developing a better youth sports model.

Phi-Lacrosse-Ophy: Jamie Munro, founder of 3D Lacrosse talk to coaches and players about redefining the game and how we teach it.

The Talent Equation: Stephen Rollnick is an expert in youth talent development and, through interviews with countless experts from around the world, covers the needed changes in developing young athletes.

Perception and Action: Rob Grey is the associate professor of the Human Systems Engineering department at Arizona State University.  He is on the forefront of skill acquisition and ecological learning.  His Podcast is outstanding.  His web site is full of studies and data backing a Constraints Led Approach as an exceptional way of coaching.

Recommended Books:

Inside Out Coaching: by Joe Ehrmann

Season of Life:  by Jeffrey Marx

The Gold Standard:  by Mike Krzyzewski

They Call Me Coach: by John Wooden

Coach Wooden: The 7 Principles That Shaped His Life and Will Change Yours:

 by Pat Williams and James Denney

Wooden: by John Wooden

Wooden on Leadership: by John Wooden

A Game Plan for Life: by John Wooden

How Good do You Want to Be? By Nick Saban

The Carolina Way: by Dean Smith

Grit:  by Angela Duckworth

The Talent Code: by Daniel Coyle

The Culture Code: by Daniel Coyle

Turn the Ship Around: by L. David Marquet

Coach: by Michael Lewis

The Mission, the Men, and Me: by Pete Blaber

Leaders Eat Last: Why Some Teams Pull Together and Some Don't: by Simon Sinek

Sacred Hoops: by Phil Jackson

Mindset: by Carroll S. Dweck

Legacy: by James Kerr

Win Forever: by Pete Carroll

The Road to Character: by David Brooks

Destination Unstoppable: by Maureen Monte

Changing the Game: by John O'Sullivan

Every Moment Matters: by John O'Sullivan

I hope You Will be Very Happy: by Dom Starsia

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