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What We Believe

Our Mission statement, and the beliefs we have regarding the value of youth athletics are real and of utmost importance to everyone involved in our organization. Numerous studies have proven that athletics, and more importantly, coaches, can play extremely influential roles in a young person's life. We take that role very seriously. The opportunity to coach a young athlete is extraordinary and can have timeless positive effects.


We believe that youth athletics are a co-curricular activity, rather than an extra-curricular. There is no better place, when used appropriately, where young athletes have the opportunity to learn such a vast array of life lessons. We emphasize the following:


Team building: Team building refers to the idea behind teaching players to step outside of themselves with the purpose of serving the betterment of the group.  Team building is essential for one to learn how to be selfless; to place the needs of a group ahead of their own, and to be accountable to those around you that count on your performance, effort, and attitude. Some may mistake this for team work, but you can't have team work without first building a team.


Communication: Almost nothing is accomplished in our world without communication. Learning to effectively and confidently communicate is essential to any success in life. Learning to communicate means learning about perception, listening, tone and inflection. And let's not forget patience.


Accountability: Learning to be accountable to and for yourself allows you to be responsible for your desires and ambitions. Accountability brings with it self-confidence and the ability to be the very best that you are capable of being.


Empathy: Being aware of the feelings of others and taking into account how your actions effect those feelings are essential to any effective relationship.


Sportsmanship: We encourage our athletes to genuinely appreciate our opponents, and to understand they are essentially no different from themselves. Genuine respect and appreciation brings the game into perspective, removes anxiety, and allows an athlete to compete fearlessly.


Commitment: Lacrosse is a game that demands commitment. The skills involved are difficult and require an extraordinary commitment to master them. Commitment within a group to one common goal is the cornerstone of teamwork, and nothing is accomplished as a group without each members' commitment.


Confidence: If our athletes trust each other, empathize with each other, communicate with each other, are accountable to one another, respect each other, and love each other, they will have the confidence to play to their fullest potential, and to fearlessly develop their own identity.


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